CbK Avatar Osclass


This plugin allow your users to set an avatar image, and you as administrator to use this information in your theme by displaying a image from those 3 dimensions.


The plugin is easy to set and give you numerous option for including the avatar in your theme.
Please take notes that you have to edit the theme files to include some lines, this will not be necesary if your theme has structure from bender theme, then you can auto embed the fields in register page and edit user page, but you still need to add the line in item page to display the avatar.

This plugin give option for:
– you can store the avatar in 3 sizes to fit your needs;
– set the maximum size allowed for upload an avatar;
– change your default avatar;
– auto embed the plugin for theme which have on base beder theme and if the proper hooks are in the theme files;
– you can set a custom style from plugin setting just by including the style there, this will be helpful on update and you dont have to edit the files from plugin or theme;
– the plugin display some stats in the plugin settings page, to track the usage of this plugin and how many users use the plugin to set an avatar for their profile;
– the avatar can be edited by the administrator of the site;
– new column in the user table which will show for each user the avatar;

You have the full documentation how to implement the plugin with your theme and some examples in the help page from this plugin.


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