Ema Theme Responsive ver. 1.3.1

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Osclass premium theme ema, working with Osclass 3.3.2 and higher.Theme can be easy customized from admin panel osclass.
Note! We do not provide support if changes were made the theme. Please test the product before buying, on the demo page. We do not accept complaints after purchase, if the product has not been tested on demo page.

Live Demo Theme Ema


Please test the product before buying, on the demo page.  Live Demo Theme Ema

1. Full responsive.
2. Settings from admin panel for:
– set logo for header an footer;
– set categories image from admin panel;
– promo widget where you can include your promotions, this widget floats only in main page or in all pages;
– slider on homepage with settings what allows you to show only premium ads, random ads oronly ads with image;
– latest ads from homepage in a slider or a grid list;
– color settings for header, footer , background body, publish button, link, title of site;
– set number of premium ads in search page;
– option to display popular ads in sidebar of search page;
– show info text in publish page for each fields, this text is set from admin panel;
– show the next add on item page;
– show seller latest ads in item page;
– settings for seller latest ads to show only ad with picture, and to set number of ads;
– set number of related ads;
– hide or show useful information from item page;
– set title of categories and pages from footer widget;
– widget social in footer for facebook like box;
– set copyrights text in footer;
3. User menu in drop down, with profile picture.
4. Smart search of region in home page.
5. Image on categories from homepage.
6. Slider with premium ads and more option on home page.
7. Most popular ads on home page.
8. Latest ads in slider or grid list, on home page.
9. Count characters on publish page for title and description.
10. Popup with info text for each field, on publish page.
11. Select box for country region and city, on publish page.
12. Check box with terms and conditions, and with pop up window if the box is not checked.
13. User image on item page.
14. User ads, and next user ads link in item page.
15. Prin, promote, delete and edit option for add on item page.
16. Related ads in item page.
17. Number of views, and ads number in item page.
18. Hide phone number and contact form.
19. Support 100% for English, Romanian, France, Italian, Spanish language,and for rest of languages 90% support.
20. User picture in public profile.
21. Option for user to set picture on profile in user dashboard.
22. Cookie bar winch warn user that this site use cokie.

2 reviews for Ema Theme Responsive ver. 1.3.1

  1. ovidiu.robescu (verified owner)

    cum pot utilizatorii sa-si trimita mesaje. Folosesc aceasta tema

    • calinbehtuk

      Nu exista optiune in osclass pentru trimiterea mesajelor.
      Doar trimiterea unui email, printr-un formular de pe pagina anuntului.
      Daca vrei un sistem de mesaje exista pe magazin un plugin care face acest lucru. S-Message

  2. veronique (verified owner)

    Bonjour mes amis (es) Francais (es) je vous conseille ce thème qui vraiment est parfait ! et pas cher du tout l ce thème est déja traduit en Francais donc rien a faire !

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