Msg91 Plugin Osclass


Verify users phone number in osclass with msg91 service, by adding a widget in your theme forms and force user to pass a spam verification filter by receiving a message with a verification otp code on the phone number.



Please take note that you have to create an acount on and buy credit in order to use this plugin and by buing this plugin we just make the conection betwen your site and msg91 server to send the message with verification code on user phone, but we do not provide any credit in your msg91 account and in order to use this plugin you have to buy credit from msg91 to be able to send messages.

Cbk_msg91 plugin use an AuthKey that you will find in msg91 account on API tab, without this key or credit in your account the plugin will not send any messages, you have to add this key in the plugin settings.  The credit type for this plugin is otp route so take in consideration this when you buy the credit from msg91 and make sure that you select this option on credit type wen you buy credit.

The plugin will verify the number on the following forms:

    1. – Register page
    1. – Login page
    1. – Publish page
    1. – Contact page
    1. – Contact user form(item page)
    1. – Share to a friend form

You need to edit your theme and add a hook in your theme to display the verification widget in the area that you whant to display this widget, but make sure that you include this hook betwen the form start tag and end tag.

ex. <form….> widget </form>

You have multiple option for this plugin that allow you to activate or deactivate the verification on multiple pages, to save user number when the user will create an account on your site, or to revalidate the number if the user try to change the number in his account. This options are availeble only for cell phone number from user account.

Extra option to set the message that the user receive on his phone and the sender of the message, but take notes that wen you set the message you have to include the {{otp}} variable that will be replaced with the verification code, if this variable is missing from the message the verification code will not be sendet corectly.


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