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RingCaptcha plugin, a protection for your site just by a sms. User has to confirm his telephone number in order to register on your site, publish a listing, login,contact an user or contact the admin of the site. Extra option for registration, the phone number confirmed by user will be save in user account.


This plugin use RingCaptcha services and in order to use this plugin you have to create an account on RingCaptcha.com
The free package contain 500 monthly SMS transactions, API access, dashboard, full customization. Please see the ringcaptcha page before buying the plugin to see all the option because this information can be changed in every day.
This plugin allow you to create a spam filter by checking the phone number of the user. The user will receive an sms on the phone number added in the ringcaptcha widget and in the sms is a code or a direct link for confirmation. The user has to enter the confirmation code in ringcaptcha widget or acces the direct link from message.

You can use recaptcha widget for phone verification on:
– register page;
– login page;
– publish page;
– contact page;
– share friend form;
– contact user form from item page;

You have to edit your theme to include the line for displaying the widget in pages. You have a presentation video in the plugin settings which display the implementation on bender theme, the implementation on others theme will be the same only the name of some files can be difrent.

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  1. Vao

    Can you add verify icon or text in user dashboard or anywhere when he verify his phone number by this plugin

    • calinbehtuk

      This is a spam verification on the pages which are displayed in the plugin description. You have option to save the number in the verified number in the database on register page.

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