Extend Moderation Osclass


Moderate your items image much more easy, without editing the item with Extend Moderation plugin for osclass.



Moderate your osclass items images much easy with extend moderation plugin. This Plugin will include a new column in item moderation table, and in this column you will have your first image from item and the rest of images in a slider. You do not have to edit your item to see all images, you can see the images in the moderation page much more easy.
No settings are needed, just install the plugin and enjoy, now moderation for items images will be much more easy.
From version 1.1.0 we include the item status for a easy moderation of the items. The item will have unmoderated status until and admin edit the item or see the item.

To update the status of an item on item page when an admin see that item your theme has to have a osclass header hook in the item page or in the header of your theme. All osclass standard theme has this hook in the header, make sure that your thame has this hook.
– unmoderated for items which are not seen by admin;
– seen for items moderated by admin;
– edited for item edited by users;
– unknown for items which have no status, item published before this plugin is installed;


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