First One Plugin


First one is a plugin which allow your users to move is listings on top of list, above latest posting. This plugin is easy to use an allows you to set after how many days user can move up is ads in top of list.


Easy to set and implement.
Give you option to set number of day after which user can move is ads on top of list.
You can set the expiration days for ads move on top of list.
User no need to publish again is ads to be on top of list.

Updated included in version 1.1.0
From version 1.1.0 user can move the ads in top with a link received on his email address.
The plugin send an automatic email on user, when a ad pass the minimum period which can be moved on top of list.
The user no longer has to check his account to see if he can move or not an announcement in the top of the list. He will automatically receive an email which inform him that the ad can be move on top of the list, and in this email is a link that allow user to move is ad in top of list without login.

Version 1.2.0 allow you to set how many time each add can be move on top of list.


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