PayGol plugin Sms payment Osclass


Sms/Card/Call/Bank Transfer payment system for osclass. A plugin which allow your users to promote their ads by paying a specific amount with paygol payment system.


INFO! Please contact paygol before buying the plugin to confirm that all the services provided by them for your country will work in your country, even if is specified on coverage page that will work.

Was brought to my attention that card payment is not working in Romania so for those which want to use this plugin for payments with card on this time the payments with card is not working, the sms paymes is removed for Romania. 

Please see the coverage payments by the paygol sistem before buying the plugin

Paygol plugin allow you to use the paygol system of payments.This plugin use the paygol interfate of payment for promote the ads on your osclass site in just a few steps.
Please note that we are not responsible by the services offered by the paygol sistem, we only provide you a plugin which can use there services, but we do not have control on that services. When do not take commissions or set maximum values, we just provide you a easy interface which allow you to set and use the paygol services on your osclass site. For more information about the paygol services please visit the help page or contact paygol.

For this plugin to work, you must create an account on and after the account is active you must create an web application for your site.
From this application you only need the id of the application which will be included in the paygol plugin settings on service id field.
You have to seat a value for each category in order to allow user to promote their ads, if the values is not set on the category tab then the payment button will not be visible and user cannot complete the payment.

For displaying the option box in the publish page you have to edit the post page from your theme and include the next line in the area that you want this box to appear.

 <?php option_pay_paygol(); ?>

This plugin allow you:
– allow user to promote their ads, by a easy interface to use.
– payment with sms/call/card/ or bank transfer, this depends of each country;
– buy credit for users which can be use for promote ads;
– user have a separate page for promoting ads in there admin panel;
– you can set a price for each category separately;
– you can set a the number of days for each category separately, that means that the ad will be active only that number of days;
– you can include a option on publish page wich allow user to select type of ad on publish, premium or free;
– you can set for each box the text separately;
– you have option to include the info text on the payment page.


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