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Osclass premium responsive theme one, working with Osclass 3.3.2 and higher.Theme can be easy customized from admin panel osclass.
Note! We do not provide support if changes were made the theme. Please test the product before buying, on the demo page. We do not accept complaints after purchase, if the product has not been tested on demo page.

Live Demo Theme One


Please test the product before buying, on the demo page.  Live Demo Theme One

Update added with version 1.1.3
New color page for easy settings the color on this theme. You have option to set color for multiple elements from pages.
Setting color for background, publish button, search button, add item button from publish page and upload image button, background for price and price color, background color for search bar on main page and search page.
Now you can include the social button which are displayed on main page from admin panel.

Update added with version 1.2.0
New floating header which can be show or hide from admin panel. In floating header we have, user menu, home button and link for search publish and contact page. Back on top button on scroll down.Some minor bugs fixed in item page, and new selection with drop down on location in publish page.

Update added with version 1.3.0
New name new look for theme olxx, and new option added in this version 1.3.0
Now theme is responsive, and with more option , to show latest ads on front page and region in sidebar from home page.

Update added with version 1.3.1
Setting for most searched ads which allow to set after how many searches to appear the searched items in most searched.
Changes on search page for city selection, now the city will be save after search.

Update added with version 1.3.2
Preview image on item page for next item button, if the next item have image. Filter next item base on category and region.
Changes on search page for region and city selection.
New look for main page on mobile device, now the categories will be display with different image for mobile device. And separate option in admin panel to set different image for mobile device.

Update added with version 1.3.3
From 1.3.3 we include country filter on search for site with multiple country.
If on the site is active more that one country then the selection of country will appear automatic, and if on the site is only one country the selection of country for search will disappear and then filter will be done only after region and city.

Update added with version 1.3.4
Changes on adsense areas to be displayed on mobile device. Display 42 most active region from all country if on site is active more that one country.

Update added with version 1.3.6
New responsive slider on item page, which replace the older slider and the new slider support touch on mobile devices. New option for mobile device with direct call or sms just with one click of a button. Minor changes on most active category.

Update added with version 1.4.0
New pop-up slider for images on item page, which allow user to a better view of image, and you can open the original image in a new window.
Sidebar from item page it now after item description, in mobile devices.
Now the pages it available in footer on mobile devices.
And changes on price field to allow only numbers in the field.

Update added with version 1.4.1
New slider on home page for custom items. You have option to filter custom items based on category, city, region, premium items, random items, and set how many items to be displayed in slider.

Update added with version 1.4.2
New option included in the home page search wich display related listing based on words typed in input field. This results will display ads with content similar of words typed.

Update added with version 1.4.3
Some minor bug fixed on post page and edit page for price field, if the category selection is made by popup. New option added on search page to display only premium ads, in search. And change log added in admin panel for admin, to track easy the changes or new implementation on the theme.

Update added with version 1.4.5
Changes made on home slider, if no result to display on custom items, jquery error fix. Changes on search by category and region from home page. Changes on publish and edit page for popup selection on categories. New option added to set the text displayed on the home sidebar if the publish button is selected for display. Now you can set the phrases which will appear under the publish button directly from admin panel.

Settings from admin panel for:
– set logo for header an footer;
– set categories and subcategories image from admin panel;
– set number of premium ads in search page;
– set number of seller latest ads in item page;
– set info text on home page;
– set number of related ads;
– widget social in footer for facebook like box;
– set copyrights text in footer;
Smart search of region in home page.
Image on categories and subcategories on home page.
Count characters on publish page for title and description.
User ads in item page.
Prin, delete and edit option for add on item page.
Related ads in item page.
Number of views.
Hide phone number and contact form.
Pop up for select category on publish page.
Now with support for sub subcategories in popup selection from publish page.
English support 100%.

10 reviews for Olxx becomes responsive One theme osclass

  1. toma (verified owner)

    Hello, i really like your theme, i just want to ask you if its possible to have

    1 – regions in frontpage, like in this page bottom page

    2 – i want to have this plugin, List seller, so users can have there shop list.

    3 – is this theme compatible to work with subdomains something like

    Its important for me to have the regions in frontpage so people can select. Also is it possible to have the theme for one country, i see in adding ads, a selection of country


  2. ferdsf

    I Igree with Toma comments and I would like to increase some issue that I had.

    I buy this theme 5 days ago and I liked, but there are a litle issue that could be solve.

    – Support for Languages.
    – In mobile phone, when user select a city. They need to roll until find the city they need.
    If user type it, with 3 first letters of your city and filter it automatic it will be better. Because there are Regions that there are a lot of city, and to roll it is very dificult.

    • calinbehtuk

      Language is translated in proportion of 95% because i added new words in this theme.
      What language you use? Contact me on the contact page to tell you how to translate easy the rest of words and to send you the language pack with words updated but not translated.I don’t translate the words because google translate it not ok and many user want to change my translation but i give you the help to translate.
      Selection of it work just i developed, and for the moment i don’t intend to do modification on that selection, but in the future i will take notes on your suggestion adm maybe i will try to see if is possible to include that part for mobile device.

  3. Gr3nT


    How to zooming the ads foto?

    • calinbehtuk

      You can do it easy with css.
      -webkit-transition: all .2s ease-in-out;
      -moz-transition: all .2s ease-in-out;
      -o-transition: all .2s ease-in-out;
      -ms-transition: all .2s ease-in-out;
      -webkit-transform: scale(2);
      -moz-transform: scale(2);
      -o-transform: scale(2);
      transform: scale(2);

  4. Fernando

    Okay, I ‘ll wait for this improvement related to select a city , if possible , you can call the keypad on the mobilephone , it is enough.

    Another doubt I have is related to the responsive css .
    for mobile devices , the listing of ads appear centered , how can I change this to appear as a list ?

    • calinbehtuk

      You have city selection on search page.
      The mobile device display is too small for list view and for that reason i center the content.

  5. garry (verified owner)

    whether this script can be set only for one country. namely Indonesia?

  6. josh

    nice theme, and will buy. just waiting for update and mobile view improment.


  7. jeeriaz

    Hello……Can you tell me please On latest Olx clone Theme How can we Configure Facebook, Twitter and G Plus. I have put Facebook aap code but it doesn’t Work…Just Simple Text “Facebook” Show in the Footer but when we put any code in the Text box It Doesn’t work..please Tell me Explain

  8. fbmrgroup

    Hi, I have bought this theme and its nice one.

    Can you please tell me how do I change the header color only

    • calinbehtuk

      You have to do some changes in the theme to be able to make the header to the width of the the screen and to change the color.

  9. mieeluu

    Salut Calin, am luat tema ta in cele din urma de pe osclass market cu cele 2 plugin-uri la pachet. Pana acum toate bune si frumosoase, sa vedem daca o sa si reusesc sa o configurez asa cum imi doresc. Am vb. cu tine la telefon sambata. Sper sa nu intampin probleme :P.

    Sa auzim de bine, Marian.

  10. samaanuae

    I”m using one theme for my classified it”s a nice theme but i got one big problem when i go in advance search i show no result…how could i fix this problem… 2nd if some one register on my website they don”t get the verification e.mail i had check all the parameters and they all ok….Please let me know how could i solve both issues.

    • Puiu Calin

      What you mean by advanced search? And the search is not made by the theme the search is made by osclass script. Again the second issue is not related with the theme, all email are send by the script not by the theme. A theme is just a face of the site, it only change the aspect not the site functionality, most likle you have an issue with your email server. Bad settings on your email server or someting else.

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