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Premium phone plugin allow you to set multiple fields for each item that you can use to store the phone number, messenger, skype etc. You can set the order of the fields if you choose to display all fields in the same area, and you can add the name of the fields for each language. You can display each field separately in your desired area and pull data like name, icon, value for each field so you can use in your theme files.


Premium phone plugin it a plugin which can add multiple fields per ad which can be used to save phone numbers, cell phone, skype, messenger, etc.
Now you do not need to worry about the name of the fields created with this plugin, if you use multiple languages, you have option to set the name for each language.
In order to use this plugin you have to edit the files responsible for publish/edit page and item page from your theme. You have to include the lines to display the input fields and to display the data stored in the database. You have all the documntation and a video in the plugin help page.
– set icon for each field based on Font Awesome icons;
– set the name for each language, no plugin translation needed to display the correct language;
– make the field mandatory on publish/ edit page;
– option to hide the last characters from field value if the field is use for phone numbers;
– set the numbers of characters to hide;
– option to allow only numbers in field, if the field is used for phone numbers;
– set the order of the fields;
– display all fields in the same place or you can display each field individual in your desired area;
– predefined function to display the name, value, icon, id of the field on item page, you can use this function to display the field value or icon in your theme;
– easy to add new fields, without limitation;

2 reviews for Premium Phone

  1. Rated 1 out of 5

    contact8 (verified owner)

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /mounted-storage/home1/sub001/sc20161-BVNV/ on line 570

    Wasn’t expecting that to happen!

  2. Rated 1 out of 5

    contact8 (verified owner)

    Just crashed the site. That was bad. This plugin needs to come with some serious warnings!

    • Puiu Calin

      Hi! If you have any issue with this plugin we are happy to help you.
      You add the line correctly? What type of error you get? When this error occured?

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