Recently visited plugin osclass


A simple way to display user navigation history, so they can see what items visited recently.



This plugin store in cookie the id of item and will display the items by including a line of code in your theme.
To match the widget style with style of your theme we include some settings for color in the plugin so in this way you will customize the widget color much more easy directly from admin panel.
Plugin options:
– vertical widget with a list of items for sidebar;
– horizontally widget with a gallery of items for footer or other part of your site;
– a dev. option that will display only the items and no style will be apply so you can style the items as you wish;
– set number of items in vertical widget and title length;
– set number of items and title length in horizontal widget;
– color settings with live preview for both widgets;
– option to set breakpoints from admin panel for display different number of items per row so the number of items to be the same as your theme items number;


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