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Wishlist plugin, allow visitors to add ads in a list and compare all ads in a page.Visitor don't need to have an account to be able to add ads in wishlist.


Plugin for all visitors, without account.
Add ads in a wishlist , from search page.
Add ads in a wishlist , from item page.
Delete ads from wishlist, from search page, item page and wishlist page.
Registered users save a single item or entire wishlist in a favorite list which can be se in admin panel.
Automat remove item from wishlist and favorite list if a item is no longer available.
The floating wishlist box can be hidden.
This plugin is based on cookie. so the user has to have active and accept cookie in his browser.

1 review for Wishlist plugin for osclass

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    ken.kohga (verified owner)

    Very useful plugin.
    I installed it and now I’m testing how it works and it seems it’s working well so far.

    Here’s a question.
    Isn’t it possible to add the same function in the detail page(item page.php)?

    I tried it by inserting into item.php just as I did in the loop_single.php and then the button shows up in the page but does not work this time.

    Please see my sample page.

    Home page

    Item/Detailed Page where I want to add the function

    I think that it’s more usual for many users to show their interest in a specific ad and mark it as a wishlist item in the detail page, rather than in the list page.

    If it’s possible by modifying your code a bit, please show me how.

    I believe that the function will be welcomed by many other customers.

    • calinbehtuk

      Yes you can include the add button in item page use the same function, will work ok, only if you have some js errors there will not work.

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