Terms and conditions:
By placing an order and purchasing a product from our market you agree with this terms and conditions.

We provide free support only for bugs related with the product purchased from our store, and we do not guarantee compatibility with 3rd party plugins, and we do not give the support for that issue.
If you make changes on the theme you lose the support, an we will not be responsable for problems caused by modifications made by you.
Is forbidden to use our products purchased on the market by another person, only the person who purchased the product is allowed to use the product. You are not allowed to use parts from our theme or plugins in another theme or plugin.
You are allowed to use our products only in one site, and not on multiple sites or multiple installation.
We are not responsable to debug a script installation or other part of your site, we debug only our product and if the problem is not on our product we do not give you support for the problem.
You cannot claim ownership of the product made by us or to resell, even if you buy a product you have only permission to use the product within our terms and conditions, that product is our property.

We don’t offer refund after a purchase has been completed, this products is a digital goods, non-tangible and the nature of this product is not refunded. You are responsable for understanding and reading this terms before purchasing one of our products, and you take notes that your payment will not be refunded.
You can ask question about our product in order to have a better understanding of what we offer you. We are not responsable if you don’t understand what our products offers and you suppose something else.
By purchasing a product from or store you agree with this terms and you note that we reserve the right to make changes on our terms.

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